Canine Essentials Membership Training Schedule

Due to the Holidays there is no regular classes December 24th-31st.  However there are workshops during this week available to all Levels members.  Workshops must be registered for by emailing and spots are limited.

Tuesday 12/27/16 at 7:00pm Dog Tricks

Wednesday 12/28/16 at 7:00pm Must Love Dogs (manners class)

Thursday 12/28/16 at 7:00pm Crate Games

Friday 12/30/16 at 11:00 am Group Play Class (all dogs must be dog friendly and approved by Robin)

Regular Canine Essentials Membership Schedule


Level 1 7:00 PM

Level 2 8:00 PM


Level 1 11:00 AM

Level 3 7:00 PM

Level 4 8:00 PM


Level 5 7:00 PM


No Classes at this time


Orientation 7:00pm December 16th

Orientation 7:00pm December 30th


Level 4 8:00 PM

Level 5 9:00 AM

Level 1 10:00 AM

Level 2 11:00 AM

Level 3 12:00 PM

Free Puppy Class 1:00 PM