Nose Work

Intro to Nose Work

What is nose work?

Canine Nose Work is a new detection style sport designed to utilize your dog’s natural hunting and searching abilities. In nose work, dogs are trained to find a specific target odor within a search area. Since Nose Work involves using your dog’s natural instincts it can be taught to any dog regardless of age, or skill level. This is a sport your dog was born to do!
The purpose of this 8 week Introduction to Nose Work class is to teach your dogs to search including: containers, corners, and elevation. Teams will be introduced to a variety of search areas including interior, exterior and vehicle searching. Dogs work independently of the handler…they are after all the experts! Handlers will learn to recognize when their dog is on the scent and practice their handling on and off leash. Each run with be geared to the individual needs of the dog.

Benefits for the dog:
• physical and mental exercise
• pure joy at practicing what they were born to do
• environmental confidence for fearful and reactive dogs

Prerequisites: none, any dog of any age or skill level may participate!

Intro to Odor (Nose work)

In this class we will begin the pairing process where we introduce the first target nose work odor: birch. At this stage we will concentrate on building scent association with the food/toys and birch scent. Boxes and expanded searches will be used. Searches will gradually increase in difficulty exterior searches maybe used (contingent on weather).

Skills introduced:

•Leash technique and handling
• Scent discrimination
• How to avoid contamination
• Working expanded searches

Pre-requites: Intro to Nose Work at Morris K9 Campus or equivalent at another school.