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Canine Essentials

Canine Essentials is a complete training program designed to teach your dog everything they need for real life. In our classes we will break down essential complex behaviors, into small easy to learn steps. The program allows you to build your own schedule by picking and choosing class times that work for you. There is no limit to the amount of classes you can take within your level, and most levels are offered several times a week.

The Canine Essentials program allows you and your dog to move through the levels at your own pace. Our smaller class sizes mean more individual attention. To progress, your dog must master the skills in your current level before moving to the next.

Membership includes:

  • Unlimited classes within your level*
  • Designing your own schedule
  • Access for all your family members
  • Downloadable print outs and tools
  • Individual help and attention from your instructor

*To keep class sizes small Dog Training for Humans may close a class as full and open another.

Each new membership is started with an orientation. In orientation we will cover what to expect in classes and what we call “the nuts and bolts of dog training”. Orientation is humans only no dogs please. Some of our students come as often as three times a week! Check our schedule to see when each level is offered. Move through all five levels or choose to stay at a lower level to practice.

Level 1: Foundations: sit, down, stand, attention, learn to earn, positive interrupt, name response

Level 2: Manners: wait, default position, impulse control, touch, loose leash, and how to hold sit, down, and stand

Level 3: Essentials: come, stay, settle, boundary, leave it, give, quiet

Level 4: Reliability: place, heel, stay from a distance, come with distractions and mastery of all previous commands.

Level 5: Off Leash: open to graduates of Level 4 who are people and dog friendly, and want to develop better off leash control. Level includes emergency sits, come, and heel off leash.

2 Month Membership: $199
4 Month Membership: $329
6 Month Membership: $449

New students Register:

Orientation for new students:


      Thursday November 17th at 7:00pm

      Friday November 25th 7:00pm

      Friday December 2nd 7:00pm

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